About Daily Food Co

As a small business based in Saudi Arabia, Daily Food Co. started Maestro Pizza a few years ago, a local Pizza Restaurant, which has grown from a single local pizza store to a phenomenal pizza restaurant covering all cities through the country.

How It All Began and Where It’s Leading?


Our humble beginnings date back to 2013 when the foundations of Daily Food Co were set. We began our journey as a meager local pizza restaurant, i.e. Maestro Pizza, which has now turned into a thriving national phenomenon within a matter of 3 years

Culinary Team

Our skilled and experienced culinary team comprises of top nutritionists, product developers, and other staff members who collectively work out fabulously in exploring new recipes and offerings. We take customer feedback and suggestions really seriously, making sure to improve in any area that we might lack in.

Community and Consumers

Daily Food is strongly committed to a betterment of our consumers and the whole community, also harnessing the best of local talent. We don’t only bring an enhanced culinary experience to the community that we are a part of, but also make sure that we are contributing in financial as well as other aspects to it.

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